23 Tips for Surviving Winter with Your Cat

Keeping Cats Warm and Safe

Here’s how to make the best of a frosty yet magical season with your feline friend!

  1. Avoid metal bowls in winter

  2. Don’t leave your cat in the car

  3. Keep your cat away from antifreeze

  4. Give your cat fresh food and water daily

  5. Offer extra blankies and even some fleece

  6. Adjust food portions to match activity levels

  7. Continually clear snow from all shelter entrances

  8. Use pet electric blankets or heat mats responsibly

  9. Make time to play with your cat, especially in winter

  10. Don’t clear snow with salt or chemical melting products

  11. Make sure your cat has enough toys, including brain teasers

  12. Microchip your cat in case he or she ends up finding shelter elsewhere

  13. Offer a litter tray for cats that are used to doing their business outside

  14. Keep an eye on the catflap to make sure your cat can always get back in

  15. Make sure kittens and older cats are warm enough when they need to be

  16. Don’t start your car before checking under the hood and give it a few taps

  17. Cats, especially outdoorsy ones, need a warm place they can access at all times

  18. Keep your kitties inside at times: extreme cold can lead to frostbite and hypothermia

  19. Rather be safe: cats that are left outdoors are often forced to seek shelter in unsafe places

  20. As an extra precaution, build or buy an outdoor shelter and insulate it with straw (but not hay)

  21. Invest in a feeding station / heated food and water bowls to stop food and water from freezing

  22. Clean garage floors: cats can poison themselves when grooming after stepping in oil, petrol etc.

  23. Be extra vigilant during the festive season: keep toxic foods and hidden dangers – such as lilies, poinsettia and tinsel – out of reach

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