Exercise is good for cats, especially interactive play!

Here are some fun exercises your cat will probably love:

Plus One, Please

When it comes to exercise, cats are more likely to get some if they have a friendly feline friend to chase and wrestle with.

Lots of Toys

Toys can really promote play. The key is to have lots of options. Opt for inexpensive DIY items as well, such as jingle balls in plastic bottles.

To the Tower!

Cat towers with several tiers can work really well. They encourage cats to climb and play and they often have a space for resting.

Kitty Hockey

So simple: Get a large box or just use your bathtub, insert a ball and presto: you have a hockey rink for Ringo.

Let the Laser Lead the Way

Laser pointers tend to really get cats moving. Just be sure to always avoid the eyes and offer a ‘catchable’ toy after play as a reward.

With the Wave of a Wand

Features to look for: a flexible wand with a ‘target’ attached to it. Think feathers or fake mouse. It’s basically fishing for cats. It’s easy to make your own as well.

Supervised Treadmill Time

Ideally, start young and entice them with toys. Just don’t leave your cat alone while the treadmill is still running.

Go for a Walk

Cats can be trained to wear a harness and leash for walks. If you’re keen to try it, use safe, comfortable equipment and research appropriate leash training methods.

A is for Agility

Dogs and horses are not the only ones that can be trained to use an agility course. This exercise is especially great for cats with lots of energy. Build or buy a safe obstacle course that offers a variety of challenges. Think tunnels, ramps…

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