Dog Breeds And How Long They Should Be Walked

Walking your dog regularly exercises the mind as well as the body.

Your dog wants to socialise and explore the smells and sounds of the world, so it’s always a good idea to vary the places you take your dog as much as possible. Walking your dog will also help build doggy confidence and gives you the opportunity for behavioural training.

Even if your dog is active inside the home, they still need another outlet for pent-up energy. Physical inactivity can lead to boredom and destructive behaviour, weight gain and possible health problems. Don’t expect your dog to create their own exercise routine just because you have put them outside. Dogs don’t self-entertain. Moreover, walking your pooch gets you both out and about and help to grow the bond you have with your dog.

Exercise needs are based on your dog’s age, breed, size and overall health. Our chart below gives you an indication of how long different dog breeds should be walked on a daily basis.

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